What Women Want In Men

For years, men have sat around wondering what women want. It is important to note that even though women may say that men are clueless, they are not, really. Just because they don’t know what they want, doesn’t mean men have to act like men and live as men and will only get women because he is more perceptive of what women want than she is. Women, themselves, are not too clueless, but they are not too creative either.

Just to start off, the guys who are generally successful with women are good at picking up signs that women are not too keen in having a relationship with you. Many women are not too keen in starting one because it is not appealing to them. For instance, you will notice when you are in a relationship with her that she is not at all enthusiastic about you going out. This does not necessarily mean she loves you, but she is not that keen about being with you so if you want to remain together and be together, you may have to give her space.

When a girl starts to pull away, you need to react to it in a way that will not scare her off. If she is going to tell you that she needs more time without you, sometimes things need to happen naturally, but if you do not break it off, it may never happen. If it does, it will be a natural response because you are noticing how she feels rather than reacting to something she said. What is important to remember is that relationships begin with hard work. Often times, relationships end because men choose the wrong women to be with.

Another thing to note when you want a girl is to quit thinking of sex as the main reason for being with a woman. It is a myth that you will have a woman to keep and be happy with. In actuality, almost all women are to some use to being wanted sexual by men, but they are not to be treated as the centre of attention or the ‘love of their life’.

So stop using the belief that you will have a good woman when you believe that your love is not complete until you have a sexual partner. For most men, love is incomplete until they are inside of a woman in sexual ecstasy. It is very rare that a man sees this connection in his lover. Usually, it is a one way connection like two hearts joined in love.

Also, stop trying to get her approval on everything. Getting her to like you might mean a lot of things to you, but it does not mean the same to be true in her world. Many women hate it when men are approval seeking. You cannot force someone to do something who has a new belief system. Furthermore, be prepared to go against her without being mean about it. In other words, if she does not like something, say nothing, but it is important that you find the courage to stand for what you believe to be right. Many women are willing to lose a boyfriend rather than have him disapprove of something she believes is right.

Be a good manipulator. Since women are prewired for intuition, it is likely that you have it under control. Use a woman’s preprogrammed instincts to work for you. It is easy if you have the knowledge and the discipline to access them. What women want is a manipulator who knows how to turn her own logic against her. A woman’s preprogrammed logic works best when she is on the defensive. If you can turn the tables on her, she will be attracted to you.

Remember this important dating advice to use with women who like to draw lines in the sand. She is not going to change her mind without a fight! Being a pushover will not get you very far with any women. This is especially true very early on in the relationship, but still holds true even for married couples who have been together for years.

So while you may think you are desirable to women, you may very well be wrong based on what was just stated above. As soon as you start to understand what women truly want and how they truly think, you will be able to not just get women, but keep them around as well.