Remodeling Your Home

If you are having problems in your marriage or things between you and your partner just do not feel like they did when you first got together, this is common and not something that should have you freaking out, jumping towards the phone to call the divorce attorney.

In fact, it is something that almost every single couple goes through at some point or another and is nothing that you or your partner did wrong to have it come to this down slope in your relationship.

Being with the same person every single day, in the same environment, living in the same life day in and day out can get rather boring.

No, it does not mean that the person whom you are with does not love or care about you anymore, but it is like eating pizza every single day for twenty years, even though you still love pizza, it can be rather hard to do it day in and day out for every meal.

With that being said, nothing is wrong with your marriage you just need to change things up a bit.

In doing this, you do not always have to think that the change needs to be made inside of yourself but rather in side of the home of which you live.

What I mean by this is that you should think about redoing your entire house, start with one room and make it completely empty of all the things you know, from ceiling to floor and then do a complete modern remodel.

This might sound silly to some people, but it is even a better idea, if you can remodel the entire house while your partner is not home, yes, this can be a tricky move, but it is one that will serve will good benefits because a new environment can actually trick the mind into thinking that something has changed in your life even though it has not.

These are the same tricks that doctor’s use on patients that are faking an illness, giving them fake pills and allowing them to think that they are being cured, but really nothing was ever wrong with them in the first place – In fact 50% of doctors prescribe such placebos to patients, which certainly gives you an idea of just how effective it really is.

The same tactic works just as well with your marriage when you rearrange your home, into tricking your partner into thinking that something in your marriage changed when in reality that the only difference in the scenery in which you are staying, but this mind trick is one that has been proven to alter the marriage or relationship of many couples, even in the sense of the smallest change can make a huge positive impact on a relationship whether you have been together for three years or thirty, change is something that should happen often to keep the marriage alive whether it is something as simple as a new make over for one of you or for your living space.

Too often, people want to jump the gun, ready to call it quits on a relationship, when in reality nothing is wrong with the relationship at all, something is only wrong with the day in and day out of the same thing happening over and over, while it is an easy fix to save a marriage many people do not want to take it, in fear of nothing changing, but take it from me, it is a risk that should be taken; it will make a difference in the marriage.