Taking A Romantic Vacation

When you are having marriage problems, one of the last things on your mind might be thinking about taking a vacation.

But it definitely should be and here is why.

Think about this for a minute.

You and your partner are on a romantic vacation, somewhere with a beautiful view of the ocean, no children are around to grab at your time.

The sand falls softly along the surface of your skin, while the wind is caressing your cheek ever so gently when all of the sudden your partner notices that the pink and purple rays of the burning out sun are laying in the strands of your eyes, making them realize why they fell in love with you in the first place.

Life is hard and marriage is harder, it is something that needs your full devotion day in and day out, there is no breaks, no pause, no wait I messed up, let’s rewind.

That is not how marriage works. Marriages may sometimes get boring over the years, and over time there are plenty of mistakes that are made (by both parties). But that is not an excuse to give it all up for no reason.

Going on a vacation one that is romantic or otherwise, is a great way to redo your marriage, bringing the two of you back onto the platform of love and here is why.

When you get a chance to get away from all of your day drama like jobs, kids, bills, things like that, it gives you a minute to focus on the moment happening right in front of you, while not worrying about tomorrow or the next day or what is going to happen in five years.

All you are thinking about is the seconds that are passing by right now, right in that moment and it makes you appreciate the things that are happening around you, like your love for your partner and how much they mean to you.

All of the sudden something happens and the two of you find yourself lost in a fit of laughter among one another in something that other people might not find funny, but the two of you do and then you can feel something drop in your heart when the two of you re-make eye contact because you just know that this is your person and it will all be okay.

You can never let the spark die down in a marriage, when you truly love someone, you do anything and everything just to make sure that it stays burning strongly.

Even if it means that the two of you take ten vacations a year just to keep the love strong, if that is what you have to do then do it, life is short and not many things in this world are real, one of the only things you have here on Earth is the person standing next to you when everyone else fades away and it can be easy to take that for granted when it is always there, marriage is beautiful and so is the world, when you combined exploring the two of them as one, something really amazing happens.