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Recycling Denim

How many pairs of jeans do you own that are too old or don't fit? I know I have quite a few.  What to do with those old jeans? Well, there are many options.  You can make them into something new or you can donate them to the fantastic organization, Cotton.From Blue to Green. They take your old denim and turn it into insulation for houses built for Habitat for Humanity.  Check out a few of my favorite denim rehabs below!

Denim Sunburst Textile Art via Belrossa

Upcycled Jeans Card Wallet via BlueDoorShoppe

Blue Denim Clutch via SaraAnneDesigns

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Vintage Leg-o-Matic Chairs Rehab | Via Salvage Love

I came across these two amazing foldable chairs at a thrift shop and instantly fell in love with them. I had never seen anything like them before and I couldn't figure out how to unfold them. After playing with them for 10 minutes and feeling like a complete  moron, I turned  them upside down I found out they were Leg-o-Matic chairs which had directions on how to open and close them and were stamped with the date JUN 1962.  I didn't know anything about them, but I knew I had to have them.  So, in 90 degree heat I carried these babies home and did some research. These chairs were manufactured by the Leg-o-Matic Company which produced folding tables and chairs from the 1940's until the 1970's and were heavily used in Airstream Trailers for their ease of storage. I just love the look and fun folding nature off them. If you are interested in getting your hands on some Leg-o-Matic's, they sometimes pop up on eBay and Etsy and I have seen them at a couple of flea markets. For this tutorial, I show the process of re-doing the fabric on one chair, but did both. I decided to re-cover the seat pads with one of my favorite fabric designer's, Jessica Jones of How About Orange, Outside Olso Picket Dust fabric for a fresh rehab.


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Salvage Rug

Let's face it,  stylish, fun and colorful rugs are ridiculously expensive. I have a boring plain rug I bought  from IKEA years ago, little did I know with some inspiration, imagination and some paint, I could have a high-end looking one of a kind rug! So take that boring rug or piece of plywood (how cool?!),  go to your local flooring store for some highly discounted remnants, or check the thrift store and craigslist and get to painting your rugs!  Check out the following for some great DIY painted rug ideas.  

                         Stenciled Circle Rug Tutorial via tatertots & jello

                         An Ikea Rug Makeover via a little bite of everything

                        Painted Striped Rug via jandjhome

                        DIY Chevron Rug via Cape27

                        Plywood Rug via Sugar Bee Crafts

                        Pink Geometric Painted Rug via adventures of an almost 40 year old intern

                        Adventures in Rug Painting via BirdHouse

  Renew a Rug via La Factoria Plastica

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Rags to Riches: Recycled T-Shirt Tutorials

We all have way too many T-shirts lying around that we don't wear because they are out of style, don't fit well, or we should have never bought in the first place (or grabbed at that charity event) Don't throw them away, no matter how bad you think they are. You can donate them to your local thrift shop, someone will appreciate them, OR you can turn them into something completely new and fun! Have any great recycled T-shirt tips? Share them in the comment section below!

t-shirt pom poms tutorial via Craftaholics Anonymous


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DIY Suitcase Table | via Salvage Love

I am completely in love with this suitcase table I made. I found a great vintage suitcase at a flea market & mid-century modern legs on eBay. Added some hardware and a piece of wood and out came this great table! This piece is fairly easy to make and can be also used for storage!


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