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Rehabbed File Cabinets

I have been recently scoping out file cabinets at Goodwill and after checking out these great file cabinet rehabs, I am definitely going to pick one up. Have a boring grey one lying around? Check out the following photos, DIYS and tutorials for inspiration!

via house of sarager


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Decorating Ideas for Renters | Part 1: Walls

Renters, can't paint your rental? Need color? Need some style!? Just because you are renting doesn't mean your rental is not your home, however temporary it may be. Your home should make you feel good and comfortable and reflect your sense of style, don't let the limitations of a rental keep you from expressing yourself.

Part 1 of Decorating for Renters: Walls

Rental Sweet Rental Print From Etsy seller judythejazzcat


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Re-Upholstered Rocking Chair | Via Young House Love

I absolutely love this 2 part, step by step guide by young house love. They re-finished and re-upholstered a craigslist rocking chair and the end result is beautiful.

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Evelyn’s Graffiti Inspired TV Cart: Adventures in Spray Paint

From reader, Evelyn. Please enjoy her step by step graffiti inspired TV Cart! There is nothing more fulfilling than rescuing that orphaned piece of furniture on trash day, moving day or craigslist. Thank goodness I don't own a pick up truck, not that hasn't stopped me from bun-jeeing several pieces of furniture to my tiny sedan! I just moved into a fabulous apartment and I almost had my living room set. It's an eclectic mix of art deco with a touch of modern but it was missing a media cart. As a lover of orphaned furniture I came across this cute wood laminate tv cart in craigslist for $12!

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Mad Men Mirror (for the Love of Joan)

This past weekend turned out to be thrifting gold! I got some great pieces of furniture (and one free chair!) and this mirror at Goodwill for $1. I popped into this  great store down the street from my apartment, Magpie and picked up this Joan decal from etsy seller tittle & lobe. Within 5 minutes I transformed the plain mirror into a fun ode to Joan!  


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From ReadyMade: Mason Jar Inspiration

Our friends over at ReadyMade are always compiling great ideas for everyday items. Take a look at their take on Mason Jars (Mason jars are almost always at your local thrift store!)

10 Things to do with Mason Jars Besides Store Stuff


Mason Jar Party Lights via etsy seller treasureagain


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Jessica Jones Fabric Vanity Stool

I have been following Jessica Jones cheery and inspirational blog, How About Orange, for years now. Jessica is a graphic designer, blogger and fantastic fabric designer. I ordered a few yards of her Calliope from the Amusement Park Collection and recovered the seat of a vanity stool I picked up from Goodwill a few years ago. It is amazing how a piece of gorgeous fabric can transform a simple piece of furniture into a fun, stylish statement piece.


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Todd Farm

Had a great morning thrifting with my girl Claire over at Little Dog Vintage at the Todd Farm Flea Market in Rowley, MA. Todd Farm is like a mini Brimfield and never disappoints. Also, they have the most amazing homemade doughnuts.

I got some great finds including 2 silhouettes, a cross stitched goose, some fabulous skeleton keys

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Before & After: Hot Pink Cabinet

I saved this sweet cabinet off the side of the road on trash day. I had a new drawer front made from MDF and glued it on, clamped it overnight, lightly sanded the rest of the piece, primed it and painted it an annoyingly awesome hot pink and the inside a chocolate brown. I got the antique drawer pulls from a fantastic thrift store, The Glass Knob in Moultonborough, NH. For fun, I installed a motion activated LED so when you open the doors, a light comes on! (more…)

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