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Decorating Ideas for Renters | Part 1: Walls

Renters, can’t paint your rental? Need color? Need some style!? Just because you are renting doesn’t mean your rental is not your home, however temporary it may be. Your home should make you feel good and comfortable and reflect your sense of style, don’t let the limitations of a rental keep you from expressing yourself.

Part 1 of Decorating for Renters: Walls

Rental Sweet Rental Print From Etsy seller judythejazzcat

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Removeable Wall Paper

 I absolutely love color and bold patterns and I really, really, REALLY hate the fact I can’t paint my walls. Paint or wall paper can dramatically change the mood of a room and is a great alternative to hanging things all over the walls. Here are some great examples of removable wall paper, most of which can be used over and over again.

Check out this DIY via OH HAPPY DAY check out other patterns from Sherwin Williams Easychange Wallpaper

Via The Wall Sticker Company

Via Tempaper

Via Wallpaper Dolls

Via blik

Frames, Mirrors & Plates:

Scour your local thrift stores, eBay, ( peoples curbside trash even! ) for frames, mirrors and plates. Get some spray paint and go to town! Don’t have any outdoor place to spray paint? Add panels of color behind photos or go for an all white or monochromatic look. Go crazy and mix elements of each! Arrange them in an interesting pattern for a wall full of character.

Via Apartment Therapy

Via Design Mom

Via A Punch of Color

Via desire to inspire

Via Apartment Therapy

How to via Casa Sugar

Arranging Items by color

Group like color items together on shelves or lean against the wall or arrange books by color in your bookcase for a fun display

Via say YES! to hoboken

Via Beautiful Habitat

Via Real Simple

Via Real Simple

Wall Decals

Don’t want to cover your entire wall but want to add a pop of color and fun. Enter wall decals.  Etsy has a ridiculous variety of decals to choose from.

Via urbanwalls

Via Dali Decals

Via easydecals

Via singlestonestudios

Next week in Decorating Ideas for Renters: Floors!

 Have any other tips? Please share them!

5 Comments to Decorating Ideas for Renters | Part 1: Walls

  1. Lisa P.
    October 7, 2011 12:51 am

    Thanks for taking this on! I’ve never seen some of these ideas, especially the removable wall paper. Have you seen this idea? http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2008/07/starched-fabric-decal-experiment.html

    It’s for putting fabric on your wall as a decal or as wallpaper. I’m hoping to try it in the next few months.

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